When was the last time you immersed yourself in the pages of your Bible? Can you recall the verses that resonate with you, or the chapters that hold special meaning? Have you ever embarked on the journey of reading the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelation?

Shockingly, a survey conducted in 2023 reveals that 45% of 35,071 Christians in the U.S. hardly ever read the Bible, if at all. That equates to 15,781 individuals who rarely engage with this sacred text. Now, imagine the scale of this disconnect when considering the entire U.S. Christian population.

What accounts for this phenomenon? Two factors stand out: distractions and belief. Our culture has become overwhelmingly distracted, prioritizing smartphone apps, social media, and television over the Bible itself. We readily discuss recent downloads, social media posts, or TV shows, but struggle to recall our last Bible reading.

These distractions create distance from God's Word, leading to doubts about its validity and, ultimately, a loss of belief. A recent Gallup Poll reveals that only 20% of U.S. adults believe the Bible is the actual word of God. A concerning 49% view it as a collection of stories inspired by God but not to be taken literally.

Change is imperative. We must eliminate distractions and rediscover the profound impact of reading the Bible daily. Whether individually, with family, at work, or in small groups, returning to the Bible holds the potential for a significant cultural shift.

At Love Your Neighbor Ministries, we are committed to restoring God's Word to its rightful place in your daily life. We encourage you to read it, cherish it, and make it an integral part of your daily journey—consistently, not just when convenient.

To facilitate this, we present the Love Your Bible Reading Plans. These plans enable you to read the entire Bible in one year, requiring as little as 10 minutes a day. It's a straightforward approach—just you, our plan, and the Word of God. We've eliminated distractions, offering a simple way to engage with the Bible from start to finish.

Join us in our mission to bring the Bible back to its rightful place—in our lives daily.

Love Your Bible FREE Weekly Reading Plan

Read the entire Bible from Genesis through Revelation!

Our FREE full color and highly detailed reading plan will take you through the entire Bible from the word "In" to the word "Amen" in just one year.

This reading plan was created to provide an easy to follow, daily reading plan that takes you day by day, week by week through specific chapters and verses of the entire Bible. Each week is set aside on its own page, along with each day of the week having its own dedicated box. Inside this box you will find the reading of the day, highlights of what you will be reading on that day, and a check box for you to mark once you have completed that day's reading.

This is a FREE DIGITAL DOWNLOAD of a PDF file, which is compatible on any mobile device. You may also print this PDF file from any home, office, or professional printer. 

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